5th Assam International Agri-Horti Show 2018 5-8 January 2018


Chowkidingee Ground

Dibrugarh, Assam

5-8 January 2018

Agri Horti Show 2018

Directorate of Agriculture, Horticulture & Food Processing

Government of Assam

The Agriculture Department, Assam was created in April, 1882.
The Assam’s Agriculture Department has crafted a vision of SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE FOR ENOUGH FOOD, EMPLOYMENT AND WEALTH, with a focus on poverty alleviation, conservation of natural resources, increase productivity of rice and pulses, increasing oil seed production etc.
The Horticulture Department has a commitment of giving top most priority on commercialization of the sector and formulating crop specific strategies with a target of promoting sectors such as banana, assam lemon, orange, litchi, mango, papaya, pineapple, cashewnut, coconut, floriculture, rabi vegetables, kharif vegetables, potato, black pepper, chilli, corriander, ginger, other spices, aromatic & medicinal plants and processing technologies

5th Assam International Agri-Horti Show 2018, 5-8 January 2018